Translation the essy of"Islamic movement between the majority and deviation"

اذهب الى الأسفل

Translation the essy of"Islamic movement between the majority and deviation"

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Islamic movement between the majority and deviation
Party of God in insured Wednesday, April 23, 2008 10:21 am

Islamic movement between the majority and deviation

The issue is not showing in the blame or anything detrimental to one who belongs to this religion, but we must show the truth and falsehood and that the statement there are ways of falsehood may be confused with the right way to identify themselves with the belief spent some validity as against a world-Sharaa and my way Indeed, the best proof According to the road where the money and how to penalize the amazing how Islam coexist with the infidels in Iraq kill Shiites year is the worst killers in Lebanon appear defend Lebanon and its people disagreed Is it or is the issue that different interests and goals and ideology flagrant rejection of fatal and one even changed places have been rejecting Lebanon Iraq's Sunnis and kill as well as rejecting Iraq in Lebanon defend Lebanon and its people and thus can say the same talk to some Islamic movements roles differ from country to country in defense of Islam and its defense of disbelief at the same time how to meet the love of Islam and disbelief at the same time is generally understood here with Muslims and other destination with the unbelievers is here stands in the face of movements that accept the face of the infidels and calls for the rejection and elimination of these contradictions in the ground there in the heart of one such shops as well as some other directions that seek to apply sharia curriculum through western and secular system

We find strange order that how Islam seeks to apply through a system of secular infidel and imagine how it allows him to apply Islam and Islam was no mere theory with the method of application and strange that the regime should it from theory and methodology, whether secular or Islamic and the Western approach will only lead to the theory of Western and Islamic curriculum will Born Islamic theory has only widened since it entered the councils established as Jews and Christians in Palestine and in Iraq, the situation varies between Palestine and Iraq, in Iraq fighting alongside the Americans and the proxy government in Palestine fighting the Jewish and appeared on the horizon signs treaty to contain as Containment opened in the Oslo Accords

We find both the Palestinian people broke through in the battle alone with Hamas that he was unable to achieve any successes against Jews only through the great position of the Palestinian people and steadfast important, we find that the deviation in the concept turns it ahead in behind Instead of empowerment of Islam were seeking him in Zepehrla It is the empowerment of secular and standing in front of the Islamic project owners, whether real or related to the call of jihad here is overwhelming joy in Carter's visit and his meeting with members of Hamas and that this political victory and a victory rarely comes by enemy combatant Salibi of Islam at all times and I do not know whether Iraq Of the land of Islam or Palestine alone from the land of Islam Will Hamas belong solely to Islam or the Mujahideen Movement in Iraq is the other representing Islam Did loyalty Islam gathered them or are they allegiances from here were the mainstay in moving in the right direction so that departs and does not meet with ignorance In the first road or the middle or end, our reality right through the theory of Islamic Almtahalti to allow entry of any parts Alihamn through another theory and through the Islamic curriculum for security during any other approach and departure from both was a departure from the right path and any deviation from one error is not manually bustling Islamic to achieve their goals

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