Islamic movements between the originality of the secular and the originality of Islam .

اذهب الى الأسفل

Islamic movements between the originality of the secular and the originality of Islam .

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Islamic movements between the originality of the secular and the originality of Islam .

◄ That there is a wide gap between movements in the Muslim docking system to the law of God befriend it and antagonize it, and between movements in the secular regime docking proceeded to befriend non-law of God and also antagonize In the community I have skewed some groups within the general framework of the Year, which There are some in which fads and sin is different from pure year in succession that are either in the adult community II, where it is very different movements within the framework of the secular system to give it legitimacy, which stems from where:

1 ◄ - Became floatation Islamic determined in accordance with the method and theory of secular and Islamic curriculum is here with several aspects agreed with the proposal is not incompatible with secularism in place allowed to talk about idolatry to worship represented in the prayer-God or the bare or otherwise blessed with God extends to the governance trap Boucheron loyalty because it runs counter to the secular line of Arbitration positive law or the loyalty of the West and in another place is limited only to certain uniformity of worship and commitment to the apparent guidance or lawsuit Alhariahemen through the application of the secular system and does not contradict him or threaten its existence, internally and externally is here determined movement which also, No violence whatever their secular regime did not jihad outside except by permission of the ruling regime hence become the core issues of Islam and Jihad Sharia arbitration be determined by the secular system and raises the theoretical views of Islam were also determined through well.

◄ 2 - Hence disrupted the equation by giving legitimacy to the secular Instead of fighting the infidels have become fighting under the banner of secularism, rather than fight under the banner of Islam is fighting against movements that take it upon itself to establish Islam in the land.

3 - And then we find this approach concentrated all its forms in facing fundamentalist Islam, which relies purely and which does not meet with ignorance is never in the first path or in midpoint, and at the end.

4 ◄ - Hence different opinions when he was required to help America in its war against Russia has decreed scientists Authority and the Islamic movement that jihad in Afghanistan against Russia and encouraged Arab governments and Islamic Jihad to open doors for young people and helped with money and weapons because they are in favors of the parents of America and the Arabs.

On the other hand, issued favors was as the same jihad against America in Afghanistan and Iraq, terrorism and regarded as a guardian and jazz fight fellow Muslims in America in Afghanistan and Iraq as jazz by fighting Muslim Arabs and other Muslims with America against Iraq as in the first Gulf War.

Jazz also killed Muslims in the Islamic pretext of terrorism and extremism but also to kill American civilians in the Islamic world is permissible with justification - they have - that the war against terrorism or the killing of civilians in Western countries is a crime and terrorism has no religion or homeland. It is against the interests of Islam.

5 ◄ - As well as in light of the concepts of secularism, which sets national Jit loyalty to the homeland, we find only an internal issue of Chechnya, as well as the question of Palestine and Iraq and this country is not a Muslim land must liberate all Muslims and so many meetings on this and understandings between officials in some Islamic movements with officials from the American and other Western countries and in the light of the so-called moderate and enlightened Islam.

6 ◄ - On behalf of moderate Islam that emerged from the Mujahideen Muslim Brotherhood movement under the banner of Arab armies, which have in fact gone only to achieve the partition resolution was arrested and then was dissolved Mujahedeen movement.

All this has been under Guetaicraeih secular system and must obey him - in the belief - are not allowed to leave it does not meet even that loss was the result of the
land of Muslims or Islam itself.

They are Hamas, which has refused to jihad and political initiatives, as the land of Palestine and Islamic moratorium No one may be lost under any situation, but with the recognition of secularism and giving legitimacy entered yesterday rejected as not applying Sharia with the formation of the government and its statement and sisters that they are not calling for the Islamization of the society They are committed to the Constitution and law, international legitimacy and acceptance of the Arab initiative, which calls for the establishment of two states. However visit Carter announces that it is not between them and the British government and people as well as the American people the worst of any hostility Alliance and loyalty issues that are out there is no god but God because Britain, Carter called for the participation of Hamas in the negotiations was a great victory for Hamas - as is claimed. Stood against them because they Brothers Great abducted because this distorts the reputation of Islam is here lost theses theory, in fact, result given the secular regime legitimacy and move through.

Sharia is only through the secular regime allowed or not allowed initiated

And did not allow us not only through peaceful route, which is determined by the system, which is consistent with legitimacy here understand allege that:

1 ◄ - Not only through jihad secular system, what he considered jihad is considered jihad and terrorism is terrorism.

2 - That prejudice these systems is a secular terrorism, which rejects all.

3 - This is agreed upon between the systems and organs of secular and religious official Islamic movements that give legitimacy to the secular.

4 - Took advantage of the confidence of the nation's secular system in some Islamic movements and make this the last major actor in supporting the battalion advanced secular and mobilization of the nation against fundamentalist Islam., Especially after the official religious bodies have lost credibility with the nation as Hoalhal at Al-Azhar and bodies of the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice and succession.

5 – As these movements give the client's legitimate secular as well as given to the Crusade and World Zionist interference in the internal affairs of the Muslim world.

It is here and stood on their side against the Mujahedeen in Iraq, as we find attempts to show goodwill and appearance moderate Islam, anti-Islamism - as they claim - agrees that the Arab initiative is a confirmation of international legitimacy since the partition of Palestine - for example - and reduced to two issues of conflict to enter the parliaments and reduced Issues of Islam to become a secular issues, such groups are looking for their own interests in the light of the secular Hence the question of Chechnya and Iraq is internally hence the stand and strive for the Liberation of terrorism and spears, a departure from obeying the first order

In this Glider was alone religions, and Muslim and Jew and Christian are united and inhabitants of Paradise. The dialogue of civilizations, peaceful coexistence and development of religious discourse best proof of that.

Beloved brother: If these movements launched by the secular country which came to Islam for the elimination of the nation and maxims and values, identity and wealth lock me - God you - you can achieve the supreme interests of the nation in recognition of secularism and giving legitimacy and standing described in the interests of secularism and the elimination Islam in the light of a war of religion to religion to dry up the springs and the elimination of Islam struggling???

◄ ◄ Beloved brother:

It is following the activities of these movements which I mean in this tutorials find it seeks in a single format is Tskyremcar individuals placed and the suppression of religious feeling to them.

These movements are deceived can not - never - to achieve their own interests in any disagreement with the secular system and has done its members were arrested and made its money

These movements have become a right hand of the regime in eliminating enemies of the Islamic nation for calm in undergo Vkaroamrad of unemployment, corruption and pooling of wealth in the hands of a few Germain what happened Ghazl Mahalla workers and discharged from the meeting in support of the Messenger of Allah offend against him in Alexandria.

The move secularism is on its way to melt nation and all of Meimeh to do with Islam and Islamic movements dissolving the same stand with them because they abandon their identity and goals leading to the loss of industry and the nation's moral and social chaos, political, security and corruption of all kinds.

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