The road to Islam and liberate the land

اذهب الى الأسفل

The road to Islam and liberate the land

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The road to Islam and liberate the land
Party of God in insured Monday April 14, 2008 2:34 pm

The road to Islam and liberate the land

There are two routes should be put up and search for any of them should be taken by way out of crisis

The way I:

The faction is part of the Islamic Movement members of society to pay whatever the factions objectives of these individuals important to push the factions and this avoids the Islamic movement to enter into a conflict between the hostile forces do for the Islamic movement and members of the community itself and between the Islamic movement and some others here are limited and confrontation to achieve Partial goals is to push factions on the ground and editor of the Golan without considering the form of government which will be the community after emancipation, what is important is to engage in Hmaaldf Autism front until that goal as soon as possible.

Road II:

Methodological approach is consistent with the scientific method, is to identify the destination and route, and that the end objective is to uphold the word of God through the banner of jihad and not one of the banners accept the existence of multiple other flags of any kind was a secular or other they do not accept other flags so as not to lose fruit and Lost before, is here should be the Islamic movement in the introduction and the rest of the community have continued to achieve the goal, and here explode in the face of a proposal set of conflicts that stand in the way of this road show, where movements country believes they are the sons of the homeland and are first-Bains For the progress and that no one can dictate their targets and does not want them or not they consider appropriate for their situation, as this approach worry that the conflict in a specific place, either the conflict wide open, this is another matter, and indeed to be studying both scenarios and access to During the result of the Islamic curriculum and through the same reality.

First subtractions:

Was represented in each country and the Islamic world after the occupation of the land of Islam since the revolution, but these revolutions were based on a culture of the West is not Islamic culture, hence the limited objectives of the real victor is the West that he managed to alienate Muslim communities in accordance with the system revolutionized the West where Islam is not been paid Factions form and took over the reins of government in the country's Islamic governments are secular, members of these governments could exploit the movement of peoples to achieve formal independence, and secularism, secularism, emerged through a new phase called it the most modern colonialism and the movement Lankan Alaslamihemen real Golan, where Islamic movements have stood powerless Hmaaluge front of the new concepts because the nation based on the concept deferral, which gives immunity to individuals as long as they speak no god but Allah, they are Muslims and hence the Islamic movement stood powerless before this tide secular and managed by which secularism to achieve two main goals

1 - Access to the country for a period of chaos and disorder and moral permissiveness, poverty and death real for all die for beliefs and values of this nation.

2 - Oppressing Islamic movements in terms of Rahman compared to what was done Golan western comparison between the two, the slaughter of Muslims by the sword written Allah King Mohammed Rasul Allah, and this is a more subtle and more painful not imagine anyone who destroys Islam or Muslims that Islam who is fighting Muslim and therefore Must be stopped before this development which occurred How happened, but same thing happened in the conflicts that have occurred recently Mafany Afghanistan, these movements have stood with America in its war against the Taliban and this is also what happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where concluded agreements for the establishment of the State to be disposed of mujahidin groups Tasted defeat by the Serbs, as was so old in a war where 48 were beaten Mujahedeen who are fighting in the ranks of the Arab armies against the Jews and arrested after victory against the Jews is edited stressful handed over the Arab armies of the Jews Hence, we find that achieving the goal payment factions

Of the goals should be achieved with neglected overall objective, to achieve the word of God on earth as God's word supreme, and the speech of those who disbelieved were lower, we find that he had not achieved anything behind, but was allowed to clients that is led by the movement and change its course to a secular, came to govern without Islam after All the sacrifices of millions of Muslims, which cited Shi was not achieved on the ground, hence the entry road in the second despite the intensity and seriousness and the complexity of the road and even the many enemies of the nation itself and the sons of Islam who knows the real or recognition of those who love life and consider this way the bset way to realize Islam .

As the Putting of partial interest can not serve the interest of Islam, which seek to achieve through and through and face the judge, and it also evaluate all our lives and weigh on the basis of individuals, groups and the United States and through the label Mododi Muslims in India to stand beside the British Because that would not return them to Islam because they found that Hezbollah is Iranian and who leads it is not Muslims therefore would not be achieved through Islam at the same time and other Muslim countries that stood beside the British to achieve independence war in the Islamic state (Ottoman), stood on the side of Infidel was against Muslim The road to independence is blasphemy by Han God it did not achieve independence and achieve abundance, hence the pursuit of Islam is the overall objective is the destination and the road and end not just to achieve the objectives of partial, is standing here before these Crusader occupiers movements using both arms, which can The strike by

1 - Took advantage of the ruling armies, police and intelligence and everything has to eradicate this movement

2 - Exploits Islamic movements with deviant tendencies wich meet with secularism or with the crusade in the first road or the middle or end, to stand next to him in this unfinished war

3 - The exploitation of some people in the eradication of this trend, which is called an awakening in Iraq and other clans in the elimination

4 - To carry out operations against civilians, attributed to the Islamic movement and this will always occupied the usurper

5 - the use of media to mislead the world public opinion in its war against Muslims,

Adopt a correct hypothesis is necessary, either to achieve results that is other than to see people Hence, we find

1 - The mere payment of factions will restore the rule of secular nation again with great Altadhahat made and was making these blood does not have the weight of Islam, which did not achieve on their land has been cleared impure secularism and followed

2 - The Islamic movement has sought to achieve the goal of empowerment is the basis should seek to trivialize him, and every cheep and expensive Putting empowerment is the achievement of Islam will not be achieved only through excellence in religion and destination and Ensign

3 – The limited partial goals will not only serve the interests of secularism, which is the handiwork of the occupied West Hence its service again

4 - The crime of sequestration law of God is a crime that can not be accepted and must be erased, and there is no way of jihad even if only led to the deaths of many this is the curriculum and this is the way

5 - Movements that have failed to eliminate the achievement of secularism and Islam. Because that Bunting

Fought by the West and the manufacture of illegal

6 - The liberation of the land value only faith, Jihad is not only legitimate faith and liberate the land sale doctrine may also may not sell or Muslim people, Muslims and mujahideen handed over to the enemy as well as the loyalty for the unbeleivers .

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