Appearance on the truth:

اذهب الى الأسفل

Appearance on the truth:

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Appearance on the truth:

[b] Appearing on the truth:

The true Muslim from the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him "is still visible range of my right not to harm them of letting down until they come of God is also"

We have said before that any movement of consent for him and I told my friends as Messenger of God peace be upon him, it is imperative from the two: --
1 - In the concept of majority 2 - majority in the confrontation
The extent of these missing pillars or conditions, as it lacks legitimacy and the extent of deviation give way as it weakens the confrontation, each Hmantejeh to a lack of understanding, followed by a lack of confrontation, and a modern movement that the Messenger of Allah ((r)) is Movement approved the law of God and the ability, durability and some Islamically, the unrealized religiously and this is lying on the nation, he achieved a great God willing, to be keeping the book in terms of work done, and achieved peace and elegant sense, and be realistic in the emerging concept, where the apparent statement The impressions also through confrontation, which is the highest kinds of statement, since both are rising up to the other statement, ground 1 - appearing in the concept, which is the legitimate right concepts, we find that the emergence of these concepts were not linked to one of the means and methods statement, but many means to show the information Is clearly taking a series of forms which are mutually supportive statement, all in the way evident something is not marred by ambiguity has offered information through various ways and attitudes, presented in the form of books and essays, dialogues and families are all linked to ourselves that reality, using both personal statement and the statement through the network Internet where information is transmitted to everywhere, and gained credibility as the truthfulness of the information and clarify what actually happened, unlike ignorant statement, which was adopted on lies and rumors and attempt to mislead the public opinion not only mislead the Muslim peoples, but also infect the matter to their people to justify their acts of barbarism and savagery dirty The emergence of the OIC and the Islamic movement's credibility Sedkhaxb, where the media are told to consider as a sincere expression of the truth, but has become the world public opinion to their consideration, determined by a set of facts on the ground on the basis of this statement is here was to break the control of ignorance on the media The statement by individuals or international public opinion and making a statement against global ignorant of this statement than it has succeeded in all respects not only excel in terms of the statement but also able to excel from inventing the Internet, and managed to put out their networks in spite of the owners themselves, Nobody knows that comes from broadcasting, and there are no Dora their fight against the emerging here is not confined only to graphic terms but also in terms of scientific use of these modern tools, more efficient and who invented themselves in control of the entire 2 - appearing on the front as they realize appearing in Also confrontation, through the fracture suffered by not saying the whole of Europe and America with it, but I say the whole world, because the whole world has become one camp, as one hand against Islam or the so-called terrorism in this internecine war using all methods and failed brutal and were defeated, and here are the U.S. and Europe Bedhaa warns of some Banhala must be defeated before the Taliban in Afghanistan and here is America in Iraq and its use all methods Fayalarac not even once they were defeated Mhsmon in fact in all fields has been able to make space for another area where the confrontation has become a heaven for training in confrontation with all Covers of modern methods, if lost a place on earth, they are unable to create an alternative to the heavens and the impressions is God's promise of the emergence of this religion to all religions is to achieve its name says, in apparent aspect of the confrontation between the people of right and wrong people *

(Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion, even soccer considerable (
The testimony of God that this debt (Huda and religion right) is a certificate. It is not the word chapter, which then increase. It was God's will reflect this religion to religion as a whole. Appeared at the same religion, what proves him another religion, in reality and in nature. Either pagan religions are not in anything in this area. As written, this religion religions conclusion, the last full comprehensive picture of them, it is the highest grade in the picture at the end of time.
We have misrepresented and distorted those religions and tore apart and it is not increased, and decreased from the edges, and ended the event is unfit for anything with him from the leadership of life. Even if it remained non-perverting it does not distort the previous version did not include all the demands of life never renewable, because it came in appreciation of God for too limited.
This is fulfilling the promise of God in terms of the nature of religion and reality. Either one hand and the reality of life, the sincerity of God's promise once, and the results showed that religion and force a system of governance over all religion condemnation Most area globe in the ground in over a century. Then Marching advance peacefully next to the heart of Asian and African countries, even when the call came five times the naked eye from entering during the first jihadist movements. . What continues to extend himself without one state - ruled that since the World Zionist crusader recent global caliphate in
Turkey at the hands of "hero" who are building! -- In spite of all that monitor him throughout the land of war and Cade, and destroy Islamic movements emerging in each of the countries of Islam at the hands of "Heroes" from others making the World Zionist crusader and global levels.
What remains of this debt roles in the history of mankind performed, obviously, God over all religion to God's promise, which does not stand a
weak slave efforts, however, reach and maliciousness of force and deception!

عضو جديد
عضو جديد

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